Pupils perform in High School Production

On 7 & 8 October 2021, Cannons Creek High School presented a collection of comic 10 minute plays interspersed with songs for an evening of lighthearted entertainment, in a show entitled ‘Surviving with Friends’. The theme of the production was mainly about friendships. All the performers were dressed in 60’s fashion – the era of love and peace! All plays were directed by High School Drama Teacher, Ms Judith Herbig. Some of the comments were – “A truly outstanding show all round – brilliant actually and so so funny and so professional too”- Mr James Currie; “Wow! What an amazing performance – it could have gone on for another hour. Talent I didn’t know existed. We were thoroughly entertained from start to finish.” – Mike van Haght (High School Principal); “Oh what a delight to be laughing and celebrating our students again! Joyful performance.” – Mrs Andy Stuart.

Photos: Fred Barker

Synopsis of plays:

Play 1: 20 Dollars by Alex Broun

Friends are supposed to be there for you. Especially in a crisis. No mountain should be high enough for them to stand by you…! In the first play, “20 Dollars”, Sophie is accused of having stolen money from the tuck shop and the mean group of pupils exploit this.
CAST: Kayra Laithwaite, Jyothi Mamidi, Jade Mitchell, Simphiwe Peter, Jordan Reddy, Michael Schultze, Logan Wilkins
Narrator: Ratang Mashigo

Play 2: Ash by Alex Broun

Two friends go on a plane ride together to pour the ashes of the one friend’s deceased

husband out in the sky, but something interesting is discovered before they carry out the husband’s last wishes.
CAST: Kelsey Hendricks, Siya Sekhosana
Narrator: Lucian Meder

Play 3: Remote by Eric Coble

Two men are staying in a motel after a disappointing sales meeting, and discover a hostage situation is taking place in the room next to theirs.
CAST: Mikhail Ajam, Ahanu Esterhuizen
Narrator: Hanaa Parkar

Play 4: Death in the Salsa Class by Alex Broun
During the practice session in the Salsa class, one of the women make an unpleasant

discovery about an object that was brought to class.

CAST: Jamie Clarke, Lara de Kock, Hannah Le Roe, Samantha Nelson, Natacha Ngoie, Nicole Stodel
Narrator: Bethany Reynders

Play 5: Baggage Unattended by Eric Coble
Two friends are at the airport waiting for their flight, but the woman gets paranoid about a bag that’s been left unattended.

CAST: Zoë Carter, Mateen Ally
Narrator: Ratang Mashigo

Play 6: My big fat Greek Divorce by Theodore Reis, Matt Thompson
There’s trouble in Mount Olympus. The Greek god, Hera has filed for divorce from her

husband, Zeus. The whole court case gets complicated when Medusa shows up to tell her side of the story. Only the bubbly Aphrodite can show the couple the true meaning of love.

CAST: Ben Bense, Hannah Lewis, Isabella Ludlum, Liam Ogilvie
Narrator: Hanaa Parkar