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Pre-Primary School

With more than 50 years of collective experience and expertise, our Cannons Creek Preschool Team is dedicated and passionate about protecting and safeguarding this magical time of a child’s life... Childhood.

Life at Cannons Creek begins here in our Pre-Primary School.

We have one Grade RR class, and two Grade R classes. Our classes are small, with a maximum of 16 children per group, allowing our teachers to gain a thorough knowledge of each child, thereby providing the necessary support in a calm, loving and caring environment.

We believe that children learn best through play, and this takes place both indoors and outdoors daily.

A variety of activities is presented in a fun-filled and stimulating way so that Maths, Language, and Motor Skills are integrated in small groups and in large groups throughout the day. Social and emotional skills are foundational in our preschool. Children are encouraged to make choices, to solve problems, find solutions, and to grow in empathy towards others.

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Our Preschool follows a two-year programme where the Grade R class builds on and extends what was taught and learnt in Grade RR.

Our balanced, structured programme includes Class Music and Class Drama, as well as Physical Education which is taught by specialist teachers and coaches.

We follow a thematic approach, and children are encouraged to contribute to these themes daily. The Grade R children also begin with Robotics, and an Introduction to Conversational isiXhosa. We stress the importance of the parent-teacher-child relationship, and we all strive together for our children to fulfil their true potential. As our children in the Preschool are familiar with the greater Primary School community, there is a seamless transition from Pre-Primary to Grade 1.

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A day in the life of Cannons Creek Pre-Primary

Group 772
Arrival and greeting
Group 766
Indoor free play
Group 765
Morning ring (calendar, weather, theme discussion, news, show-and-tell)
Group 764
Group 763
Micro group activities (Literacy or Numeracy small group activity)
Group 767
Creative art activities
Group 768
Group 769
Outdoor free play
Group 770
Story time
Group 771
Farewell greeting and home time
Play Video

In this phase the focus is on:

  • learning through structured, creative play in a calm, caring and loving environment.
  • concrete learning - this takes place in all spheres.
  • the development of gross and fine motor skills.
  • introduction to Letterland and emergent literacy.
  • introduction to six bricks and emergent mathematics.

Want to see our pre-schoolers learning through playing outside? Watch this video to see!


Weekly Curricular Activities:
Computers and Coding (Grade R)
Introduction to isiXhosa


Extra Mural Activities:
Sports Hub
Art Club
Social Skills
Fine Motor Fun


Some of the outings we look forward to during the year are:
Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Blue Train and Park
Iziko Museum and Planetarium
Gan Eden Farm
Giraffe House
Rosen Castle Activity Centre

Special Events:

At the beginning of the year we welcome our class parents by enjoying a family picnic together. Moms and Dads are invited to celebrate Mother’s and Father’s Day with us and enjoy a fun-filled morning with their little ones. A preschool highlight is our annual ‘Things That Go’ event which takes place in March. It is a morning spent with family and friends as they cheer the children on when the children notch up laps on their various “wheeled” toys. Spring day is celebrated with a Spring hat parade. At the end of the year, sounds of joyful Christmas singing fill the air as our preschool gets ready for the end-of-year Christmas play.



In the Pre-Primary Phase, developmentally appropriate use of technology is used to engage little minds with big world ideas. Our pupils are taught about the technology that surrounds them in their daily lives, and use technology tools in collaborative play to solve problems and enhance understanding of topics and themes.

Weekly computer lessons begin in Grade R, in which basic computer skills are taught. These include mouse control, visual tracking, keyboard layout and device functions. Skills are embedded through a variety of fun-filled activities that reinforce curriculum learning.

The pre-primary classroom sees the beginning of the coding curriculum. Through programming floor robots, our youngest pupils experience in a concrete, practical manner how computers respond to basic commands.

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