Parents go back to school!

The was a real buzz at school on 19 May 2023 as the Grade 1-6 pupils welcomed their parents to school for an hour. The pupils thoroughly enjoying showing the moms and dads what they do at school and it was lovely to see the families interacting together. Thank you to our parents for making time to spend with your child.

The Grade 4-6 parents went ‘back to school’, spending time in the classrooms completing various tasks with their children. The Grade 4s rotated through four stations, which included cracking a code using time on clocks; playing a game to test Titanic knowledge; ordering cards and drawing a timeline and completing a language task about the Titanic. The Grade 5s built 3D pyramids using toothpicks and then wrote poems about them. The Grade 6s rotated between three classrooms. With Mrs Jellicoe, they interviewed their parent about their childhood in order to write a poem about mom or dad. With Mrs Coetzee, they interviewed their parent about their diet and compared it with their own. They also discussed budgets and will draw up a nutritious menu from the information gathered. With Mrs Marchand, they wrote an Afrikaans spel toets. Although the parents hadn’t learnt, they managed very well and lots of fun was had by all.

The Foundation Phase were split into 12 teams of children and parents. Half the questions were answered by the children and half by the parents. Congratulations to the winning team – the Dangerous Dolphin – and well done to all the participants!

Watch an Instagram reel of this experience, here. Click here to read more about Academics in the Primary School.