CC Netball World Cup (12)

Netball fever hits Cannons Creek

Cannons Creek Independent School is proud to support the Netball World Cup (NWC) 2023 and the pupils are excited to join in the ‘gees’ as Cape Town is the host city. During the week, the Primary School pupils had Netball-themed PE lessons which included exciting game play and themed circuit stations. These showcased the game (the girls especially enjoyed teaching the boys) and allowed for skills and agility to be built upon. On Friday AKA Protea Friday, High School and Primary School pupils were encouraged to be creative with their civvies day dress up. The Primary School U10 Netball team performed the ‘See us fly dance challenge’, whilst there was Netball goal shooting on offer at breaktime. Prior to this, Primary School pupils took part in a NWC Quiz, wrote messages of support for the Spar Proteas team, designed their own NWC match kit / ball. During breaktime, High School pupils challenged staff to a friendly Netball match.

Some of the messages of support were: 

“Good Luck! You guys are truly an inspiration to all of us! You are already amazing! We back you whatever happens!” – Amara Bosch, Grade 6

“Dear Proteas. There is no better time than now to work on your dreams and keep spreading your positive energy. Take the world by storm and make us even more proud than we already are.” – Shazana Camroodien, Grade 6″You got this! Together, you can do ANYTHING!” – Leah Kooyman, Grade 6

“Dear Proteas. Good luck for your matches. I will be cheering you on from the sidelines. You guys are amazing. Can’t wait to watch you.” – Tanaka Joubert, Grade 6

“Dear SA Women’s Netball Team. Good Luck! Hope you win! You are amazing.” – Abigail Odendaal, Grade 6.

“You are the best team in the world! You are gonna win, I know it!” – Lilliana Louw, Grade 2

“You can do it. I believe in you and always try your best. Never give up.” – Lene Middleton, Grade 5

As Netball is a sport predominantly played by females, some Primary School boys gave their opinions:

“I think it was fun, but overall it was fantastic.” – Danyal Christensen

“That was the best game I’ve ever played. That was like advanced Basketball.” – Levi Schram

“It was good and it was fun.” – Aran Bosch”

I felt very lost and I think the girls were telling me the wrong rules. I didn’t like having to stand in one place.” – Yash Desai

“At the start I was confused where to stand, the girls told me where to stand. Overall it was fun.” – Zivai Hove

“It was really fun. My captain was good, I stood in the right place. I didn’t like not being able to touch the person with the ball.” – Jade Brown