Lonsdale House wins debate

A tense debate was enjoyed in a competitive, yet amenable spirit on 18 March in the Cannons Creek Hall.

The topic was: This house believes that scientists are more dangerous to humanity than politicians. Peak proposed the motion and defended it admirably. Their speakers were: Chloe McComb, Isabella Baker and Amarachi Zondi. The opposition, Lonsdale, consisted of: Talya Davids, Scott Wilkins and Lucian Meder.

Simon Short (CC Matric Class of 2017, and currently completing his Masters in Law) and Katherine Harris (past Student teacher and debating coach of Cannons Creek) adjudicated most fairly and encouragingly.

The spoils go to the victors: Lonsdale.

Mrs Rankin said, “I am very impressed with your confidence and how you carried yourselves.”

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