Matric Results 2023

Congratulations to the Cannons Creek Matric Class of 2023 for a phenomenal set of results - 100% pass rate for the 21st consecutive year, and 100% Bachelor's Pass (for the fifth consecutive year).

High School Principal Mr Angus Morton said, "We are delighted with the outstanding results achieved by the Class of 2023, and they  are to be commended on their commitment and level of application in their final year. The staff and pupils worked hard to achieve this success. These results are reflective of the partnership between the school, the parents, and the pupils. Grade 12 results come at the end of a long educational journey, and tribute must be paid to all who have instilled a love for learning in the pupils."

In an address to the Matrics and their parents, Mr Morton highlighted the importance of each individual pupil reaching their full potential. He encouraged the Class of 2024 to follow the superb example set by the Class of 2023 and to aim at achieving their best possible results at the end of the year. 

The class of 35 pupils achieved a total of 117 As, with an average of 3,3 distinctions per candidate. The overall class average was 76%. Eleven subjects  achieved 'A' averages were IT (97% average), Mandarin (90% average), Music (89% average), Telegu (86% average), Design (85% average), Dramatic Arts (84% average), Tourism (83% average), Geography (82% average), Life Orientation (81% average), Mathematical Literacy (81% average), Visual Art (81% average).

Thirteen pupils achieved an 'A' average overall: Thomas Kabalin (8 distinctions), Timothy Sparks (7 distinctions), Bjorn Frassek (8 distinctions, including AP Mathematics), Anna Kannemeyer (7 distinctions), Jenna Hendricks (7 distinctions), Felix Melunsky (6 distinctions), Logan Wilkins (7 distinctions, including AP Mathematics), and Lauren Davidson (5 distinctions), Luke Bryant (6 distinctions), Muhammad Jawad Khan (6 distinctions), Alexander Botha (5 distinctions), Jessie Rice (5 distinctions), and Seah Yang (4 distinctions). Some of the school's other top achievers were Myra Ikram (4 distinctions), and Laila Ingram (4 distinctions). 13 pupils achieved a ‘B’ average overall, and 9 pupils achieved a ‘C’ average overall. 

Four pupils achieved a full-house of distinctions, and must be congratulated on this phenomenal achievement - Jenna Hendricks, Thomas Kabalin, Anna Kannemeyer, and Timothy Sparks. 

A special congratulations to Dux Scholar winner, Thomas Kabalin, for achieving a full-house of distinctions, scoring an average of 95,9%. The 2024 plans are diverse for this group with Chelsea Allen taking a gap year to participate in a Ministry programme in Jeffreys Bay, Dana Rose studying Architecture at SEA, Seah Yang studying Biochemistry in the USA, Luke Bolus doing a gap year programme through Quest Africa, Thomas Kabalin studying Computer Science at UCT, Kyle Southworth studying Mechanics, and William Arnold studying Physiotherapy. Top-scoring candidate, Thomas, heard the news on the day of the results release that he was awarded the UCT Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship for his studies (awarded to the top 10 UCT applicants from the Western Cape).

Mrs Wendy Joubert, Tourism Teacher, commented about her subject achieving an ‘A’ average: “I am so proud of my class! Each one achieved their personal best and that’s what makes it so meaningful.” “I really enjoyed teaching this group of Matrics - it is a culmination of three years’ hard work. I am so proud of them.” - Ms Barbara Bartosch, Deputy Principal & Geography Teacher.

Some of the highlights of their schooling career were Adventure Week, Matric Dance, spending time with friends, and the Sports Tour to Hermanus. When asked what life lessons the Matrics had learnt during their time at Cannons, some of the responses were: “Work smarter, not harder”; “Success comes from working hard and not giving up.”; “Time-management”, and “Cannons has taught me how to be a good leader and a confident young woman. It has taught me the value of friendship and loyalty.” 

Some advice from some of the 2023 Matriculants:

“Work hard for September [for Prelims], because if you work hard then, you’ll be fine for Finals.” - Bjorn Frassek (8 distinctions, including IEB AP Mathematics).

“Start studying early, but be careful of burnout because it’s a very long year and there are lots of exams, so you are going to be tired.” - Thomas Kabalin (8 distinctions)

“Study hard, plan in advance and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teachers.” - Timothy Sparks (7 distinctions).