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The success of Cannons Creek is due to a healthy combination of Christian-based values, our co-educational approach, excellent teaching and a family-like spirit.

Mr Angus Morton

Pupils look forward to coming to school in the mornings because Cannons Creek is a place of belonging, of security, of happiness - and a place where young people are challenged to attain their full potential. At Cannons Creek we believe that every pupil is an individual with special talents that need to be discovered, explored and developed. We achieve this via a number of approaches.

Firstly, we offer a wide range of subjects, taught by experienced teachers in small class groups.

Secondly, pupils are encouraged to participate and compete in a diverse selection of sports, played at a competitive level.

Thirdly, we offer a broad mix of cultural and service activities that should cater for the tastes of all. Numerous opportunities exist for pupils to excel in all areas.

That is the essence of Cannons Creek - opportunities to excel - opportunities that would possibly not present themselves as readily in a large school. At Cannons Creek no one goes unnoticed.

Pupils who attend Cannons Creek will be afforded every opportunity to make a success of their lives through the absorption of sound values and outstanding skills. Our pupils understand that while it is not possible for everyone to be the best, it is essential to do your best. We hope that you will consider Cannons Creek as a serious option for your child’s education.

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Mr Angus Morton (Principal)

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Academically, Cannons Creek is the leading small school in the province and continuously strives for excellence by nurturing the highest academic standards. Alongside several top schools in Cape Town, we write the NSC Matric exams. Our Matric results have consistently been excellent - with a 100% pass rate achieved each year. Some of our subject marks are in the top percentile of the Peninsula. Click here to view our latest Matric Results.

Adventure Week

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We believe in developing the ‘soft skills’ for our pupils.

Each year, the whole High School goes on Adventure Week, in the form of varying locations and activities such as paddling down the Breede River or hiking the Ceres / Cederberg Mountains. The aim of Adventure Week is to develop grit, cement friendships, and build camaraderie amongst the peers in the group. It is the highlight of the year for many pupils.

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At Cannons Creek leadership translates to service. Service to the immediate school, the broader school community and beyond. Opportunities in leadership are available to all the grades and pupils are encouraged to accept nominations to the wide variety of leadership positions available at the school.

These include:

  • Committee members for clubs and societies
  • Sports captains and vice-captains
  • Class Representatives
  • House Captains
  • Monitors
  • Prefects

Because we are a small school, it is necessary to offer leadership opportunities to pupils across all the grades in order to fill all the leadership positions. This allows for early experience and growth in leadership at the school.

All leadership positions are overseen by staff members.

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Leadership Camp:

All the Grade 11 pupils are offered the opportunity to attend a mid-year leadership camp. The objective is to realise each pupil’s leadership potential in preparation for his/her final year at school, where all of them will play some form of leadership role, be it big or small, by virtue of their being the most senior group in the school.

Leadership Camp involves a number of fun-filled activities and leadership workshops that develop a range of leadership skills and also raise awareness of good leadership values. Leadership through service to the school underlies all the other aspects of leadership. At the leadership camp the Grade 11s also develop a banner that represents the values the upcoming matrics wish to inculcate in their school in their matric year. These banners are displayed in the school Cultural Centre.

Student Leaders:

Once the leadership camp has been concluded, Grade 11s can elect to take the next step and become Student Leaders. Student Leaders are able to meet with and shadow the outgoing prefects in their day-to-day leadership commitments and in their portfolio commitments to the school.


Those Student Leaders interested in becoming prefects submit their names which are added to a ballot paper. The whole school, pupils and staff, have one vote each for the upcoming prefects. Prefects are shortlisted from the top 6 to 10 candidates based on the overall vote. Head and Deputy-Head prefects are also selected from the same vote. After their induction at the Valedictory Assembly the prefects, working closely with a staff mentor, choose leadership portfolios that they will be responsible for during the course of the year in addition to their usual day-to-day duties.

Further leadership training is available for the prefects during the course of their year, in the form of leadership workshops that are run by external facilitators on a variety of leadership topics.

2024 Prefects:

Chris Lee (Head Prefect), Bethany Reynders (Deputy Head Prefect), Anthony Allen, Aidan Cloete, Abigail Goldstein,
Hana Jaffar, Hanaa Parkar, and Uthmaan Latief.

Prefect Portfolios:

Because We Can
Public Relations


All High School pupils have weekly Computer Literacy lessons up until the end of Grade 9, wherein the digital competencies embedded in the Primary School are consolidated and extended. From Grade 10 onwards, pupils can elect to take Computer Applications Technology (CAT) or Information Technology (IT) as part of their subject choice options.

A key focus of the Computer Literacy curriculum is to empower our High School pupils to actively create and curate content, as opposed to passively consuming digital information.

The Coding and Robotics curriculum is extended in our High School to include the use of programmable computer chips, students are given the opportunity to code programmes and test their algorithms in real-world scenarios to solve problems.

All High School students have one-to-one Chromebook devices which are used as a vehicle for digital integration during lesson times. At the end of their time at Cannons Creek, our pupils leave as self-sufficient, responsible users of technology, who are digital collaborators and able to maintain a healthy balance between the digital and real-world.

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All Cannons Creek High School pupils are encouraged to involve themselves in one or more of the Outreach programmes we support.

Our pupils support Ubuntu, a home for HIV/AIDS orphans. Pupils are expected to volunteer their time at an NGO as part of the Grade 11 Community Service in Life Orientation. At Cannons Creek outreach is an integral part of what we are, co-ordinated by the Interact Club.