Grade 6s perform for Pre-Primary pupils

Our Grade 6 Drama Club pupils performed a show for the Pre-Primary pupils – ‘The Mickey Mouse Club House and Friends Show’. This is a special tradition at school, and there was great excitement in the Hall! The Grade 6 Drama Club spent the first part of the year preparing a 20-minute show for the Pre-Primary. The Grade 6s got the opportunity to be a part of the entire process, under the guidance of Drama Teacher, Miss Bester. The pupils helped choose characters, co-wrote the script, designed outfits and spent many hours rehearsing. For the Pre-Primary pupils, this interactive performance creates a foundation of what Drama can be and seeing the older pupils acting on stage gives them a better understanding of what acting is.

“The Grade 6s did a phenomenal job performing this year and the Pre-Primary enjoyed the interactive experience of finding some new treasure with the characters. Everyone can be really proud of themselves.” – Miss Bester. Read more about Drama here.