Grade 5s learn about ‘Siyapheka’ in isiXhosa

For Heritage month, we are embracing the culture of different food during isiXhosa lessons. The Grade 5s are learning about the theme ‘Siyapheka’ (We are cooking). Together, they recited a poem, ‘Umpheki’, which was then followed by tasting treats from different countries. Pupils needed to prepare their chosen dish, and design a recipe card with all ingredients written in isiXhosa. They also needed to decorate their tables relating to their dish and country.


Mna Ndingumpheki (I am a cooker)

Lo ngumnqwazi (This is my hat)

Le yifaskoti (This is an apron)

Eli licephe (This is a spoon)

Le yimbiza (This is a pot)

Esi sisitya (This is a bowl)

Ndiyazamisa (I mix)

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