Grade 5 outing to Centre of Conservation

Digging for treasures and discovering ancient artefacts was a highlight of the Grade 5 outing on Tuesday 11 June. The Grade 5s attended a talk on Archeology at the Centre of Conservation. This topic integrated very well with our theme on ancient civilizations. They were then able to practice being archaeologists by digging in marked-off grids, sifting through the soil and then recording their finds. This was a meaningful experience and the instructors commented on the incredible engagement and curiosity of the Grade 5 group.

Rae Dorasamy commented: “What I loved about the outing was that the teacher told us all the interesting facts on the Khoisan, Egyptians and the human past. I also loved it when we went digging in the sand and I got my hands all dirty. It was really fun and we all learned something new.”

Iris Bowker: “I found the outing extremely interesting and I definitely learned something new. My favourite part was when we dug up artefacts from thirty years ago. The person teaching us was very enthusiastic and got us all engaged in archaeology. I enjoyed learning something that wasn’t Maths or English, and the environment was very interactive.”