PS Camp (6)-min

Grade 4-6s return from Camp

The Grade 4 – 6s from Cannons Creek Indepedent School enjoyed a fantastic camp at Rocklands in Simonstown, last week. They did activities in mixed-grade groups and staff were impressed with the way in which pupils were able to intergrate and collaborate with others of
different ages. Some highlights were archery, drumming, indoor soccer, learning about and holding snakes, a concert (which included much energetic dancing), dodgeball and of course, delicious and plentiful food. “We were proud of the way in which the pupils
conducted themselves and the respect and cooperation they showed towards the facilitators, who were all very complimentary.” – Mrs Sue Alson, HOD: Intermediate Phase. 

“Outdoor education is a valuable experience for young people. Learning outside helps develop a love of the outdoors and nature. The power of exploring is beneficial for a growing mind. It develops leadership skills in a different environment and it provides the opportunity to develop social responsibility and critical thinking skills outdoors – besides the fun of sleeping out and enjoying fun activities with their friends.” – Mrs Tracy Wahl, Principal: Cannons Creek Primary School. 

Some pupil reflections:

“I really liked the night walk, and the soccer in the spare time.” –   Ronan Potgieter (Grade 3)

“The food. The food was nice. Dodgeball was also fun, and throwing axes, and using bows.” – Gabriel Pienaar (Grade 4)

“Camp was so fun because we got to learn a lot of new skills, and I loved the music they played.” – Mia Mossick (Grade 6)

“The camp guides were really fun, there were lots of cool activities, the cabins were really nice, and the food was really good.” – Manuel Marjawar (Grade 5)

“I enjoyed learning about the snakes, and touching them ‘cos they were very smooth and they each had a different pattern.” – Emma Shepherd (Grade 6)

Click here for more photos. Watch this video to hear about their favourite part of Camp.