Grade 1s expand upon Coding knowledge

The Foundation Phase is expanding their coding knowledge this term using Scottie Go. Scottie Go is a unique combination of a traditional board game/jigsaw puzzle and digital coding.

The children have been given the quest to help Scottie, a friendly alien who has crash-landed on Earth and needs to travel around the globe collecting the pieces that have broken off of his spacecraft so that he can safely return home. The children have to use the jigsaw puzzle to physically build the code which they then scan with the iPad App to make a virtual Scottie move.

Great excitement was had this week as the Grade 1s were the first to work with Scottie. The children loved testing out their code, spotting their errors, and debugging when necessary. A lovely reminder that coding skills do not need to be entirely screen-based and that at its heart, coding is an integration of reading, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.