Frequently Asked Questions

Why a co-educational school?

At Cannons Creek Independent School, we believe that a co-ed school encourages students’ self-esteem and social skills. We are proud of being a co-ed school, since we live in a co-ed world - we believe that we do not just educate our pupils towards Matric Results, but we educate them to be leaders and productive citizens of the world.

Why enroll in a Grade RR-12 school?

Enrolling in a whole school model means that pupils become accustomed to the school's way of doing things and the transition into another school phase is easier. It also means that school activities can involve the whole family, without family members needing to pick between events, for example at different schools.

Is the school a private school?

Yes. Cannons Creek is affiliated to ISASA (Independent Schools Association of South Africa). The school, however, does not write the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) Matric exams, opting to write the WCED (Western Cape Education Department) exams. Being an independent school, we have the freedom to create a curriculum that is flexible and tailor-made to appeal to our pupils.

Does the school offer scholarships and bursaries?

Yes. The school offers limited scholarships and financial assistance. There is an Academic, and Music Scholarship, on offer to the most deserving Grade 7 pupil for his/her high school career. Financial assistance is not guaranteed, but is provided to those in need.

How many pupils per class?

In the Primary School, we have a maximum of 16 pupils per class; whereas in the High School, we have a maximum of 20 pupils per class. There are two classes per grade. We believe that this limited number of pupils in class ensures that every pupil and family is known, but large enough for every pupil to have a good circle of friends, and large enough to offer a wide variety of subjects and co-curricular activities.

What are our Matric results like?

Our Matric results have consistently been excellent - with a 100% pass rate achieved each year. Some of our subject marks are at the top of the schools in the Peninsular.

Is there an aftercare facility available?

We run a nurturing Aftercare centre, where we endeavor to assist parents whose Primary School pupils require supervision after a normal school day, until 17h30. This is an additional cost. Holiday Care in the Primary School is offered throughout the March/April, July, September holidays, as well as the first week of the December holiday, at an additional cost.

Are extra lessons offered, if they are needed?

Extra lessons are offered in Grade 1 - 6 in Languages and Mathematics. Should a pupil require further interventions, referrals will be made by the HOD and Class Teacher. In the High School, pupils may make appointments with teachers from 14h35 – 15h30 Mondays to Thursdays to request assistance with work that they did not fully comprehend during lesson time. The emphasis is on helping pupils to help themselves, not on giving extra lessons.

Are pupils allowed to cycle to school?

Children (Grade 5 upwards only, unless accompanied by their parents) wishing to cycle to and from school must provide the school with written permission from their parents (only applies to the Primary School). All children must dismount before entering the school premises. Helmets must be worn at all times of cycling. All bicycles must be padlocked to the bicycle stands on the school premises.

Does the school go on any excursions?

In the Primary School, classes go on excursions which form part of the syllabus and are subject- related. Other outings may be community-based outings. In the High School, most excursions are subject- and curriculum dependent. Each year, the whole High School goes on Adventure Week, in the form of varying locations and activities such as paddling down the Breede River or hiking the Ceres / Cederberg Mountains.

Does the school offer a Tuckshop?

Yes. Primary School pupils can pre-order lunch, and High School pupils may frequent the Tuckshop at break times. A variety of warm dishes, snacks and refreshments are available.

How does one purchase the school uniform?

Our uniform shop is called Clothing@Cannons, and is based on the school premises. Some basics of the uniform need to be purchased off-campus. There is a limited amount of second-hand clothing available for purchase.

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Does a pupil need to be Christian to enrol?

We are a Christian-ethos school, but a pupil does not need to be Christian to attend Cannons Creek. Although we educate within the Christian ethos, all faiths and denominations are accepted and valued. We nurture values which are accepted by people of faith and moral fibre. During weekly assemblies, a message relating to a Biblical verse is presented; and all religions are discussed during Life Orientation lessons. Christian holidays such as Ascension Day are observed.