Class of 2019 does Cannons Creek proud!

Matric Class of 2019 does Cannons Creek proud, again!

The Class of 2019 has once again done the school proud by achieving a 100% pass, a record that has been maintained since the first Matric Class of 2003. The Class of 2019 once again achieved a 100% Bachelor pass.

Top of the class of 2019 is Daniel Roh with an aggregate of 88,86% and 6As, followed by Nabeela Parkar with an aggregate of 88,71% % and 7As. Other pupils who achieved distinction averages are Zoe Coss who achieved an aggregate of 85,29%, Hyeokmin Kwon 85,14%, Leah Cripps 84%, Francesca Fitzgerald 82%, Caitlin Barraclough 81,86%, Linathi Mosala 80,29% and Jenna Gray 80%.

Daniel is looking to study BSc Computer Science, and Nabeela will be doing Industrial Engineering at Stellenbosch University. Overall, the class of 2019 achieved an average of 74,48%, the best matric average result thus far.

The Principal Mr Mike van Haght expressed his delight at the excellent results of all the matriculants and wished them all the very best for the future.

In the photo with Mr van Haght are from left: Zoe, Linathi, Nabeela, Leah, Caitlin and Francesca. Daniel, Jenna and Hyeokmin are away at present.