Cannons pupils hike Fish River Canyon

During the Term 2 holidays, a group of eight Cannons Creek High School pupils, Ms Bartosch, and ex-Cannons teacher Ms Hoey, spent five days hiking the Fish River Canyon – 72km in total.

“The pictures do not do justice to the size of this canyon,” said Ms Bartosch.

There was plenty of water this year, more than in 2015. Blisters were the main First Aid complaint and treatment!

The group collected firewood to make campfires in the evenings after supper. The stars were beautiful with no ambient light to detract from the view. They experienced fine weather, with no rain and very little wind. They walked mostly in T-shirts and shorts and swam at lunchtimes. After this wonderful experience, the group spent a well-deserved long time in the warm water at the spa resting their weary muscles.

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Some comments about the trip:

Chelsea Allen – “It was emotionally challenging, but an incredible growth experience.”
Luke Bryant – “It was beautiful. Good views, with good company.”
Bjorn Frassek – “It was probably the best hike I’ve ever done. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”