CC Grade 5 Elections (4)

Cannons pupils exercise the right to vote

In preparation for the 2024 Elections, the Grade 5s at Cannons Creek Independent School have been studying the origins of democracy in ancient Greece. On Tuesday 28 May, they had the opportunity to exercise their ‘right’ to vote at the Grade 5 voting station. After filling in their ID documents they presented themselves for the voting process: they had their ID document stamped and their thumb marked. They voted for the movie that they want to watch in the last week of term. Nominations had come in, amidst much debate and discussion. The ballot sheet had a list of options, which they then submitted to the ballot box. They now await the tally and the results.”What a great application of knowledge, coupled with real life happenings. 

They’re at the age where they really engaged with the process and took it seriously. They will feel the effects of their vote, when they watch the movie at the end of the term.” – Mrs Kim Storey, Grade 5 Teacher.

Grade 5 Pupil comments:

Manuel Marjawar – “I think it’s important to vote so that everyone has a chance.”

Layla Hendricks – “It felt like a very nice experience, and very realistic.”

Elijah Hyland – “It’s important to vote ‘cos everyone gets a chance in life to vote for who they want to rule. Voting was fun cos if you get what you wanted, then everyone else liked it also.”

Rachel Hart – “It’s important to vote because everyone gets a chance to decide the government, and be happy with their choice. I thought it was a cool experience to vote, and it was fun.”