Cannons performs ‘Virgil’s Wedding’

A cast complement of over 50 pupils from Cannons Creek Independent High School performed ‘Virgil’s Wedding’ for two evening performances on 11 and 12 May. “Virgil’s Wedding” is part of a series of comedic plays about Virgil Sludge and the town of Lickskillet by Eddie McPherson. Ms Delanie, a big city wedding planner, wants a promotion… But in order to earn it, she has to do the impossible: Bring elegance to a hillbilly wedding. This will be difficult when the father of the groom catches on fire, the bride has a major bad hair day, and the groom is missing. “I’m so glad I had a second opportunity to direct a play in the Virgil series. I enjoy the comedic contrast between the hillbillies and the city slickers immensely. The characters are quirky and the events in the play are quite whacky – so it was really fun to direct!” – Ms Judith Herbig, Director. 

Some comments:

“It was very entertaining and funny!  Well done to all that made it a success! I really enjoyed the co-lab of the Drama pupils and the Vocal Ensemble.” – Mrs Nadine Wong Ho, parent. 

“I really loved the play, it was enjoyable and really funny. The characters were all well portrayed and I loved the accompanying Choir. One of the best plays I have watched.” – Mrs Qudsiyah Shaikjee, parent. 

“We went to the show last night – the cast and crew were excellent. Well worth spending the evening supporting local talent. Well done to everyone involved.” – Mr Alan Duncan.

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