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Cannons performs Radio Plays

The Grade 11s took on the challenge again of writing and directing the Radio House Plays. They all managed to direct their own House except for Isabella who had to direct Riverside. All of them received a compulsory character and a theme or storyline with a twist. Click below to listen.

Ms Judith Herbig (High School Drama teacher), commented, “They wrote really creative and fun plays and managed to record them in record time!”

1. Lonsdale – ‘The obnoxious singer and the wise witch’: A humorous story about a singer too full of herself who gets taught a lesson. Great sound effects and believable character acting.

2. Peak – ‘Chad in Space’: A very clever play, a tense and funny space story about landing of Mars and encountering aliens. Chad was portrayed very well by Ben Bense as the dorky space traveler and Hannah Lewis played Dr Barracuda very well.

3. Riverside – ‘Fortune Cookie gone wrong’: In this story the predictions of fortune cookies become a reality and some quirky characters meet their fortune. Well written with interesting characters and background sound effects.

The plays were adjudicated by Thomas van Niekerk.