Cannons performs Interhouse Radio Plays

As is tradition, our High School performed Radio Plays in the 3rd term. The Grade 11s wrote their own plays where the common theme this year was Betrayal; and they had some compulsory characters to use in their plays. Listen to them here.

Lonsdale: ‘Courtroom Calamities’

Riverside: ‘Friendship gone up in flames’

Peak: ‘The jewelry store heist’

Well done to the following:

Best supporting performers: Abigail Goldstein, Ruben Clark, Kayra Laithwaite & Ethan Goldschmidt

Best performers: Lucian Meder & Bethany Reynders

Best Technical & Sound effects: Lonsdale

Best Play & Best Directors: Lonsdale (Logan Wilkins & Jyothi Mamidi)