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Cannons performs ‘Castle Frankenstein’

Cannons Creek Independent High School showcased their acting talent during their performance of ‘Frankenstein’s Castle’ on 16 and 17 May 2024. It was an evening of spooky stories, zombie dances, and a funny play, ‘Frankenstein Slept Here’, written by Tim Kelly (performed with permission from Pioneer Drama). Baroness Frankenstein has opened her castle to all those who can’t cope with the outside world, including a descendant of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a Medusa with snakes in her hair, Vampira, the Mummy, the mad Igor, a Phantom Bride and the Invisible Man. The castle belongs to an American society matron who sends monthly cheques to pay for the staff she imagines is working at the castle. What to do? What else but have the creatures pose as servants. Mrs Hoople arrives with her young niece and her husband to inspect the premises and discovers her gardener is Igor, the butler is a mummy, the cleaning woman is a vampire and the Monster is stretched out on the dining table! “I loved the wacky characters in the play and the funny situations that the playwright created. I’m also glad that some junior performers got the opportunity to shine on stage in the spooky stories. Altogether a great production.” – Ms Judith Herbig, Director and Head of Drama. 

Some reviews:

“I was very impressed by the long passages the story tellers had learnt, and the atmosphere they created. The play was very amusing and the actors all brought their characters to life! – Mrs Sue Alston, Grade 4 Teacher.

“Wow, what a great show! We loved the polished acting, great effects and quirky theme. Once again the Drama Department gave us a class performance.” – Ms Sarah Goldstein, Parent.

“A fantastic mix of dance, music, story, drama and comedy.” – Mr David Clarke, Primary School Parent.

“It is always delightful to watch pupils thrive outside the classroom! And that surely happened during the play. It was encouraging to see so many juniors involved. And great to have a laugh!” – Mrs Wendy Joubert, Parent & Tourism/STEAM Teacher.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the play – everything from set design, costumes, sound/lighting… all of which came together making Castle Frankenstein a very immersive experience. I also loved the variety of entertainment. And all the laughs!” – Mrs Kerry-Anne Molema, Parent.

“An outstanding performance. Professional. Funny and flawless. From the stage set to the two brilliant performances by Baroness Frankenstein and Igor. Best evening’s entertainment for the whole family.” – Ms Ingrid von Stein, Parent.

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