Interhouse Radio PLays (1)

Cannons perform Interhouse Radio Plays

Our High School pupils have once again performed their annual Radio House Plays. Well done to all involved, the winners will be announced shortly!

The requirements this year for the House Radio Plays were a thriller / mystery theme, and each got a compulsory setting and two compulsory characters; Peak was in an underground tunnel or subway (with a teacher and social media influencer), Lonsdale was in a hospital (with a detective and a hacker) and Riverside in a remote cabin (with a journalist and a forensic expert).

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Lonsdale (Hospital) – Directors: Lucian Meder, Shaun Krieg, Thandile Yeki, Taitum Simpson, Kaythlin Arendse
Narrator – Taitum Simpson
Detective – Ethan Goldsmidt
Nurse Emily – Reese Rumble
Eden (IT specialist) – Hanaa Parkar
Hacker (Liam) – Lucian Meder
Agent Roberts – Thandile Yeki
Pim Pardashian – Mbali Mbulawa

Riverside (Cabin) – Directors: Kayra Laithwaite, Abigail Goldstein, Renee Fyfer, Amaan Fataar
Narrator – Kayra Laithwaite
Alex – Jason Blight
Freya – Belle Laithwaite
James – Thomas Jacobs
Sarah – Aazra Aboo
Journalist – Abigail Goldstein
Forensic Expert – Hana Jaffar
Doctor – Hlokomani Majebe
News Reporter – Molly de Witt

Peak (Underground cave) – Directors: Danica Coetzee, Ruben Clark, Zainab Hamdulay, Danielle
Chris – Chris Lee
Student 2 – Aidan Marais
Zawadi – Zawadi Zondi
Narrator – Zainab Hamdulay
Teacher – Danica Coetzee