CC Orff Performance (4)

Cannons Orff musicians perform at City Hall

On Friday and Saturday nights (9 and 10 June 2023), the Grade 3 Orff Ensemble from Cannons Creek Independent School was specially invited to perform at the City Hall as part of a demonstration of Orff instruments. This was in celebration of the Cape Town Philharmonia Choir’s sold-out performances of Carl Orff’s famous “Carmina Burana”, which followed the Orff demonstration. 

“We had a wonderful evening and it was a wonderful opportunity for the Orff group to perform in front of an audience. There have been such positive remarks about their behaviour and performance. They played with such confidence, and I’m very impressed with the skill level they’ve achieved since beginning to play Orff in Grade R. What makes this group such a pleasure to teach is that all but one play another musical instrument. I think Carl Orff would have been happy to see youngsters of 6 years upwards making music as a prelude to one of his great works!” – Ms Gail Levitt, Head of Primary School Music.

“Before our concerts, we witnessed a remarkable demonstration by these [Orff] talented groups. Their lively performance showcased the boundless potential of young musicians, thanks to the dedication of their teachers. The joy and enthusiasm radiating from these young performers set the stage for an unforgettable evening. We extend our deepest appreciation to these exceptional groups and their teachers for their inspiring demonstration, highlighting the importance of nurturing musical talent from a young age.” – The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town.

“On behalf of the Orff Society I just wanted to give heartfelt thanks to you and your students from Cannons Creek for being enthusiastic and willing to take part in the Philharmonia Choir’s concert. I do realise it was quite short notice that you had to prepare a performance and make the necessary arrangements and I just commend you on pulling it off in your extremely busy schedule. It was so wonderful to see a little snippet of the children performing and all the audience really engaged in the children. Gauging from all the responses and thank you’s, it was a resounding success. Huge congratulations and thanks to you all.” – Julie Griffiths, Acting President: Orff Committee.

“A big part of this success was you and your children bringing the Orff approach in music teaching closer to the attending audience before the concert started. I could see big smiles all around from the people watching the children.” – Walter Liebrich, Chairman of the Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town.

Carl Orff was a German composer and educator whose concept of “hands-on” practical music learning was revolutionary and influenced children’s music education worldwide. He also designed the instruments (xylophone, metallophone, glockenspiel) which now bear his name. 

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