CC Winter Music Recital (9)

Cannons musicians shine on stage

Congratulations to 30 Cannons Creek Independent Primary School’s budding musicians who take individual Music lessons, who performed on the evening of 24 May 2023 at the Winter Music Recital. The school’s dedicated Flute, Violin, Guitar, Drumkit and Piano Music Teachers, and parents were thanked for their support. “In dark times, Music is often the light we all need – so thank you to our pupils for their hours of dedication and practice. It was lovely seeing so many of our up-and-coming Pre-Primary pupils as part of the audience, drawing inspiration. “I am so proud of each one for the effort they put in and for being brave to perform in front of an audience. It does not matter if you play a 10 second song or two minutes song… you are learning, developing and growing your skills such as reading notation, staying focused, listening, improving coordination, strengthening your fingers and many other skills. You are growing your talent!” – Ms Gail Levitt, Head of Primary School Music.

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