Cannons implements Tutor System

As of 2024, Cannons Creek has implemented a Tutor system in the High School, forming the basis of the pastoral system. A Tutor is assigned to a group of approximately 12 pupils. The Tutor is there to mentor, guide and care for them throughout their High School years. At the end of each year, the Tutors move up with their respective tutor groups as they enter their new grades. The relationships between Tutors and their Tutees are core to our programme.  Having a caring adult on campus is vital to help support each pupil through the, often difficult, adolescent years. It provides each pupil with someone who truly knows who they are, someone they can trust and rely on, on a daily basis. 

The traditional Register Teacher is a keeper of records and marker of attendance at school.  The role of a Tutor is very different in that the tutor aims to develop a close relationship with the pupils in her/his group and to monitor their performance in all their activities. The Tutor will also establish a healthy relationship with the parents ensuring that the partnerships between staff and parents are developed.

A twenty minute Tutor lesson is held at the start of each week day. The lesson is primarily for personal contact and relationship building between Tutors and Tutees but also between the tutees themselves. The tutor group becomes an important group to which the pupil belongs, a group of peers that trust and know each other well. It’s a very proud moment for Grade 12 Tutors who congratulate and bid farewell to their group of Tutees. They will have been an integral part in the development of the young adults over the past few years. The bonds formed between pupils in a particular Tutor group as well as those formed with their tutors often extend beyond their schooling.  

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