CC PS Winter Music Recital (5)

Cannons hosts Winter Music Recital

An incredible well done to all Cannons Creek Independent Primary School musicians for performing at the school’s Winter Music Recital on 23 May 2024. A total of 36 items were performed across eight instruments (Violin, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, and Drums) with several pupils playing two instruments. Well done especially to the pupils who performed for the first time! Thanks were extended to the parents for supporting their children, and to the entire Music Department. Grade 12 pupil, Chris Lee, ended off the evening as a guest performance – showing where the potential can lead. This was extra special since he started Music with Ms Levitt, and is now almost finished his school career. 

“It takes many hours of patience and nurturing to inspire and motivate little people to perform on stage. They all excelled and were so proud. It was a lovely touch to end with Chris playing so masterfully to inspire the children to persevere.” – Mrs Tracy Wahl, Primary School Principal. “It’s a blessing to nurture young talent. I am incredibly proud of our musicians.” – Ms Gail Levitt, Head of Primary School Music. 

View the Cannons Creek Music Academy Staff here. View more photos here.