CC Adventure Week 12

Cannons embarks on Adventure Week

Each year, all Cannons Creek Independent High School pupils and teachers go on Adventure Week, to various locations and enjoy activities such as paddling down the Orange/ Breede River or hiking the Ceres / Cederberg Mountains. The aim of Adventure Week is to develop grit, cement friendships, and build camaraderie amongst peers in the group. It is the highlight of the year for many pupils. 

This year, the first group to depart on 14 February were the Grade 9s who spent 10 days hiking and participating in fun-filled activities in the Matroosberg Reserve. Shortly thereafter, the remaining grades departed –  the Grade 7s went to Rusticana Estate where they did several team-building activities, the Grade 8s paddled down the Breede River, while the Grade 10s and 11s hiked in the Cederberg. The Grade 12s spent three days paddling 68km down the Orange River. 

Some comments from pupils:

  • “Adventure Week was amazing. I really enjoyed bonding with my peers and becoming closer, as well as growing a relationship. I challenged myself physically and mentally. I think it’s very important to put yourself in uncomfortable shoes and just do something that you’re not used to. Just to prove to yourself that you can do it.” – Zawadi Zondi, Grade 11.
  • “I thought it was a great privilege to spend our last Adventure Week in the wild and, in another country. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” – Chris Lee, Grade 12. 
  • “Adventure Week was really enjoyable. I enjoyed it so much. I felt like we learnt more leadership skills and our grade really bonded.” – Tanaka Joubert, Grade 7.
  • “It was really fun. I got to work as a team, with a bunch of my friends. We learnt about knot-work. We learnt a lot of skills that could be applied in other cases. I really liked it – it was something new, it was something fresh.” – Nicholas Rich, Grade 7. 
  • “I really liked Adventure Week. We learnt a lot of new things: how to put up your tent, pack sleeping bags, and to do a lot of new knots -so that was really fun. I liked it. – Jude WIlliams, Grade 7.
  • “It was amazing. We paddled along the Breede River. It was such a memorable experience and I loved camp. It was so much fun.” – Qaylah Omar, Grade 8.
  • “Adventure Week was fun. I feel like this was definitely the funnest Adventure Week I’ve been on. The rowing was so much fun, but also quite difficult on the first day ’cause I didn’t know what I was doing at all. But on the third day it felt quite easy because I knew exactly what I was meant to do and I stayed in front for most of the time. So I’m quite proud of myself and I didn’t burn at all so that was quite pleasant. Overall, it was a very,very fun Adventure Week.” – Richard du Plessis, Grade 8.
  • “For me, Adventure Week was really good. I think in the beginning I was very scared; I’ll admit. But after the five days, I felt more confident about my hiking. I feel like I can do everything again. It was really nice.” – Amarachi Zondi, Grade 10.
  • “Adventure Week was so much fun. I enjoyed every minute of it. There was not one moment that I thought, ‘Dang, I really wish I couldn’t be here.’ Great experience. I would love to go back even though I can’t. I hope future Grade 9s can enjoy it the same way I did.” – Liam Ingram, Grade 9.
  • “It was fine. It was quite fun. It was quite difficult to be away from my family for so long. But other than that, the solo was very nice. It felt nice to get some alone time just so I could reflect on the journey. And I found that in the moment, it was really difficult. But then afterwards, I look back and think about all the memories I’ve made and all the fun times we have had. And I’m probably never gonna forget this.” – Nate Thackwray, Grade 9. 
  • “My highlight was the first day and also going to Malgat. I enjoyed watching people jump off the cliffs. My lowlight was on Tuesday when we had some very steep downhills and everyone was feeling sick. I think it was like 42°C. But overall I enjoyed the camp. It was definitely worth it.” – Isabella Baker, Grade 11.

Some comments from staff:

  • “Lekker. Lank. Awesome. I had a lot of fun. Walked a lot, slept a little, but it was amazing. Bonded with the children, bonded with the teachers, bonded with myself. It was amazing. – Mr Matts van den Berg.
  • “It was amazing. It was an eye-opener. You know – being with the kids, seeing a different side of them. I loved every minute of it.” – Mrs Stannie Oliphant.
  • “It is an adventure of note: filled with excitement of every type you can imagine – rapids, heat, sunshine, sandstorms, jumping off rocks, swimming, fun and games. A challenge. A wonderful adventure. Everything you’d want in an Adventure Week.” – Mr James Currie.

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