Cannons Creek Primary performs well in Conquesta Olympiads

Cannons Creek is proud to announce the results from the 2023 Conquesta Olympiads, written in August/September for the Grade 1-6 pupils. Pupils took part in the Mathematics, English, and Afrikaans Olympiads; and the school received a Top 20 Award.

Grade 4:

Afrikaans 2: 2nd place

English 1: 17th place

Grade 5:

Afrikaans 2: 3rd place

English 1: 5th place

Mathematics 1: 4th place

Grade 6:

Afrikaans 2: 3rd place

English 1: 3rd place

Mathematics 1: 5th place

“Conquesta Academic Olympiads are multiple choice question papers which challenge Grades 1 – 9 learner knowledge in thevarious subjects in the curriculum (like a written quiz), and enables Educators to measure learners’ abilities against the national and international averages (computed from participating schools).”