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Cannons Creek hosts Matric Dance

On 22 September, we celebrated our 2021 Matric Dance at Hudson’s Restaurant on the

Vredenheim Estate in Stellenbosch. Parents, guardians, teachers, matrics and their

partners started arriving from 5pm for pre-dance mocktails and photos. After the

speeches the parents departed, leaving everyone else to enjoy a spectacular evening

of dancing, dining and just having lots of fun together. It was lovely to be able to

celebrate a Matric Dance again after not being able to do so last year. No one let the

fact that we had to trim down on our normal dance programme and end early to beat

the curfew, spoil an amazing evening. Thank you to Ms Bartosch, Mrs Morgan and

the Matric Dance Committee for hours and hours of work, planning, revising,

rescheduling and simply working magic to ensure that this special event on our

calendar could once again take place.

(Masks were removed briefly for the photograph).