Cannons Creek hosts Emma Sadleir

Cannons Creek Independent School proudly hosted Social Media Legal expert Emma Sadleir on Thursday 2 May for a marathon talk split into three sessions – Grade 4-6 pupils, Grade 7-12 pupils, and finally in the evening – the Parents. 

Emma addressed each audience in an age-appropriate manner, where she explained legalities in a simple, easy-to-understand and interesting manner, through the use of various current scencarios and legal cases. Emma highlighted the importance of the statement “Digital Content is dangerous content”, and supplied several practical tips and guidance to navigate the social media realm. “Being popular on social media is like being rich in monopoly” – how Emma humorously made her point about being cautious of accepting strangers as followers on social media platforms. Emma stated,”If you remember nothing from today, remember the Billboard Test”, stressing the importance of teens and tweens checking their content before posting or hitting ‘send’. Parents were able to purchase her book “Selfies, sexts and smartphones” and were invited to visit her website for an example of a cellphone contract between parents and their children. 
Some pupil com

Some pupil comments:

“I want to throw away my phone!” – Grade 7 pupil

“She was being very real. She was telling us all the possible outcomes about social media about how you can be involved in things you don’t wanna be involved in. You can go to jail or be sued. So basically if you follow the rules, life can be easy. Not saying social media is bad, but learn to control yourself.” – Grade 5 pupil

Some parent comments:

“It was eye-opening and important content that every parent should engage with seriously. [I] thought it was spot on, with the right balance of hard truth, scare tactics and solutions. Thank you Cannons Creek for organising this for our kids and ourselves.”

“A necessary discussion that needed to be brought to everyone’s attention about the ticking atom bomb we have given our children via their devices, as well as much needed education for us adults as well. Completely relevant and much needed. Thank you Cannons.”

“I am really glad that I attended the talk. Lots to think about at home, and ideal timing as the kids push more and more for screens and devices and we assume it’s all safe and child friendly. Thanks so much for organising such an enlightening speaker.”