CC Campout 2024 (7)-min

Cannons Creek hosts Campout

On Friday 23 February, Cannons Creek Independent Primary School hosted its annual Campout event. This much-anticipated calendar highlight saw families exchanging their warm beds at home, for a unique camping experience – on the school field, surrounded by school friends and families. Amidst the braaiing, bubbles, glow sticks, and games on offer, families enjoyed the time to chat and socialise. 

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Some comments:

“Campout was very nice and I had a lovely time. It’s nice to sleep on the school field and play there.” – Alec Pienaar, Grade 1.

“It was nice to braai, and it was nice when everyone brought the glow sticks then we could have fun with them.” – Carter Ball, Grade 1.

“It was fun because I stayed up late and I had my first roasted Marshmallow.” – Abigail Spencer, Grade 2.

“I liked the Campout because there were schmores and we put chocolate over them, and we could play and I slept over the night and it was super fun!” – Suri Naidoo, Grade 2.

“I liked the Campout because I got to spend time with my friends and family, and we got to play games.” – Rae Rockhill, Grade 2.

“I had a sleepover with my friends and I got to spend time with my family.” – Sofia Spittal, Grade 2. 

“It was nothing but fun because we got to sleep at school.” – Thaakir Parker, Grade 3. 

“It was fun because we got to tell spooky stories at school and got to stay up late.” – Keira Nivison, Grade 3. 

“We got to play fun games and we got roasted Marshmallows.” – Khanyisile Ncwana, Grade 3.