Cannons Creek Founders’ Day 2020

Cannons’ Founders’ Day is celebrated on 11 February every year. This year the special assembly, celebrating the school’s 23rd birthday and the High School’s 21st birthday, started with the Matrics leading in the Grade 1 classes. This was followed by the singing of the school song, devotions,  an address about Gifts by Mrs Wahl, and about Gratitude by Mr van Haght. There were musical numbers by the Marimba band,  flautist Julia Lee and the school’s Glee Club. The assembly ended with the singing of the National anthem, where after all staff and guests had tea and birthday cupcakes. All the pupils received ice creams and had an extended break. The High School’s first Head prefect Gavin van Haght also attended the assembly. In the photos are from the top left, clockwise: four of the school’s Trustees – Mr Don Nash, Mrs Hazelmay Duncan, Mr Mike van Haght, Mrs Carol Boot; Gavin van Haght with Mr Mike van Haght, High School Principal;Head Prefect Andy Hong welcomed the school and guests, prefects Bridget Botha and Tavonga Chimuka led the devotions; Mrs Tracy Wahl Principal of the Primary School handing flowers to Mrs Carol Booth, the school’s Founder Principal; Matrics leading in the Grade 1 classes and Mr Mike van Haght Principal of the High School, receiving a key from Mrs Wahl in celebration of the High School’s 21st birthday.

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