CC Adventure Week (2)-min

Cannons Creek engages in outdoor classroom learning

Each year, all Cannons Creek Independent High School pupils and teachers go on Adventure Week, to varying locations and enjoy activities such as paddling down the Orange/ Breede River or hiking the Ceres / Cederberg Mountains. The aim of Adventure Week is to develop grit, cement friendships, and build camaraderie amongst peers in the group. It is the highlight of the year for many pupils. This year, the first group to depart on 23 February were the Grade 9s who spent 10 days hiking and participating in fun-filled activities in the Matroosberg Reserve. Shortly thereafter, the remaining grades departed –  the Grade 7s went to Rusticana Estate where they did several team-building activities, the Grade 8s paddled down the Breede River, while the Grade 10s and 11s hiked in the Cederberg. The Grade 12s spent three days paddling the lower section of the Breede River, as the normal destination for this group, the Orange River, was in flood.

Some comments from the pupils:

  • “The whole Adventure Week experience was incredible and I can’t wait for the next camp!” – Joshua van der Vinne, Grade 8
  • “Adventure Week was definitely the highlight of my year! It was five days filled with hiking, swimming, learning life-skills and making memories. I can honestly say that Adventure Week made me realise that I am much stronger than I had thought. I am so thankful for being able to spend five days out in the mountains, making memories with my friends! My favourite part of Adventure Week was when we finally got to our destination for the day and everyone would play cards, talk and get to know each other better. I returned home more confident, self-sufficient, mature and with so many stories of adventures with my friends.” – Amaal Cassiem, Grade 10
  • “Absolute 10 out of 10.” – Stella Melunsky, Grade 7
  • “I learnt how to canoe and work as a team. I really enjoyed the river and the outdoor experience. It was nice to get to know my classmates better and to learn more about canoeing.” – Nihal Bardien, Grade 8
  • “As strenuous and exhausting as the hiking was, the evenings were blissful. We interacted with people we otherwise might not have, if it weren’t for Adventure Week. I learned that sometimes you need to push yourself a little bit and set small goals, but to also go outside of your comfort zone a little to expand your mind and learn properly. I formed strong bonds with my classmates and I’m honestly so excited for next year!” – Sarah McCrorie, Grade 10
  • “There is a 24-hour solo day. You each have separate areas so you can’t interact or talk. As an extrovert, I was surprised that I enjoyed the 24-hour solo day. The only downside was that a baboon was stalking me while I ate my can of beans. A plus side of Adventure Week was the 30m abseiling and the 7m rock-climbing.” – Sophia Stamatiadis, Grade 9
  • “It was quite an experience sleeping in the wild. For the most part it was fun and exciting.” – Aidan Marais, Grade 11

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