Cannons Creek Toy Collection

Cannons Creek collects toys for charity

Cannons Creek High School recently collected over 150 toys, as part of its Interact Toy drive. This means that every child at the Trinity Children’s Centre will have a gift on Christmas Day. Seen here is Renier Coetzee (Founder of Trinity Children’s Centre), with Cannons Creek High School’s Interact Society’s Bethany Reynders and Hanaa Parkar.

Trinity Children’s Centre was started in the last few years as a unique donor-funded school in the heart of Mitchell’s Plain. “Our mission, with God’s help, is to bring life-changing education to these children, so that they can become the heroes who overcome the adversities which threaten their communities.” The school currently has 120 learners from Grade RR – Grade 6. “There are no children in Mitchell’s Plain. Instead, there are young lives living in strained families, dangerous neighbourhoods, and overcrowded schools. Adversity is stealing their childhood.” The school is appreciative of any sponsors investing in their pupils’ education – see, for more information.