Cannons Creek celebrates its 24th birthday

Cannons Creek Independent School recently celebrated its 24th birthday, with ice-creams and balloons, on 11 February 2021 (Founder’s Day). The school also ran a special podcast on its radio station, featuring interviews with some of the founding members, shoutouts from alumni, and various tidbits from school life –

Cannons Creek Independent School was founded in January 1997by Mrs Carol Booth (formerly Mrs Barhouch) together with four teachers, Mrs Hazelmay Duncan, Mr Kevin Wroth, Mrs Nicola du Plooy and Ms Lesley Jacobson as a Primary, Co-educational, English-speaking Christian School. When Cannons Creek started in January 1997 it was housed in the Pinelands Club Hall, with 37pupils and five teachers. The initial concept was to only provide a Primary school. However in 1998 there was a request from the parents for Cannons Creek to establish a High School.