Cannons artists transform clay

During Creative Arts, amidst the summer heat, Grade 8 and 9 pupils were introduced to clay techniques. They faced and conquered many challenges, mostly due to the rapid drying rate of the air dry clay. “Both grades jumped at the challenge of the new medium, acquired skills, problem solved and created charming works.” – Mrs Elzette Malan, Creative Arts Teacher and Head of Design.

The Grade 9s were tasked with creating a mythological-inspired container, where they needed to create unique interpretations on the theme and introduce a sculptural element to their slab building. From Kraken the sea monster, to unicorn, to the basilic; their containers were creatively individual and functional.

The Grade 8s were also introduced to clay techniques and had to construct a hollow pinch pot. This was then transformed into a bust. The focus of their project was to three-dimensionally understand the proportions of the human face and they were further challenged with colour-mixing their own individual skin colour – a real in-depth colour theory exercise. Finally their portraits became little characters, filled with creative personality.

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