Cannons appoints new Executive Head

After a rigorous recruitment process, interviewing a number of excellent candidates from top schools across South Africa, we are happy to announce the appointment of the new Executive Head and High School Principal for Cannons Creek. Mr Angus Morton will take up the position in January 2023, as the current High School Principal Mr van Haght retires.

This announcement was made by Mr Jan de Waal (Transitional Board Chair) to staff at a special meeting, and it was announced to High School pupils at a special assembly. Mr Morton will be meeting with the staff as well as members of the Board and Trust in due course.

Mr Morton has spent the largest part of his career in the independent school sector. He was a founding staff member of Somerset College in 1997. As a Deputy Head at Somerset College, he oversaw the academic and pastoral programmes. Angus left Somerset College at the end of 2006 and spent two years as a Chemistry teacher at The Leys School in Cambridge, United Kingdom. On his return to South Africa in 2009, Mr Morton joined Elkanah House High School as the Head of the Physical Sciences Department. His leadership role in the school developed and he was appointed Head of Elkanah House High School in 2020. Since 2022, Mr Morton has been Head of Physical Sciences at Somerset West Private School.

He describes himself as a passionate educator who is deeply committed to the holistic, relevant and values-based education that is common to all the schools that he has served in. His approach to education goes beyond academic achievement and focuses on the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values. He believes that all schools should remain at the forefront of authentic innovation and challenge as they prepare their graduates for the changing world they will face when they leave.

Mr Morton’s family is central to who he is and they spend much time together in the mountains or around a fire or pool. Relationships are key to him and this is no less true in his school life.

Learn more about Mr Morton:

1. What attracted you to applying for this position, and joining the Cannons family?

I have always taught in schools that emphasise the development of whole young people, helping them to reach their full potential with a broad holistic curriculum. I believe that this is most likely to be achieved in an environment where pupils believe they are respected and cared for. Cannons Creek is a small community school, a nurturing environment conducive to building healthy relationships and offering a broad, full programme. It is just the right fit.

2. What achievement within a school have you been particularly proud of?

There have been several small victories involving individual pupils but I guess a recent one that stands out is the manner in which we, Elkanah House, were able to seamlessly move onto online platforms when the pandemic struck. The school Matric results at the end of 2020 were the best in the history of the school.

3. Where did you study, and what degree do you hold?

I matriculated from Westerford High School and completed my Bachelor of Sciences degree and my Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Education at UCT.

4. Please share with us your family setup?

I am married to Kathy and we have four adult children (Zoe, Adam, Peta and Joshua). We also have four granddaughters. We are a very close family and see each other most weekends. Our eldest son, Adam, is in Melbourne and we are hoping to visit our first grandson (expected in October) in December.

5. What do you believe to contribute to the success of a school?

There are so many measures of success and as many factors that contribute to that but I would say that it is important for a school to have a clear understanding of who they are and a vision of what they are aiming to achieve – what success will look like for them. Then it’s about having dedicated people that work tirelessly and passionately at reaching those goals. Equally important, I believe, is recognising the contribution that each person brings.

We are thrilled to have made this appointment as he will be an asset to the Cannons Creek family.

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