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Back to School Tips

#BackToSchool can be a stressful / anxious time, especially if joining a new school. Here are some back to school tips from our Guidance Counsellor, Mrs Kew-Simpson, to make things a little easier.

1. Make a conscious decision to make the most of all Cannons has to offer you inside and outside the classroom. Only YOU can make this decision! 

2. Start the term with a focus on a growth mindset, which opens you up to taking on new challenges in a positive manner. You can do it! 

3. Don’t panic, we often feel a bit overwhelmed with the start of a new year or new school. It’s completely normal 

4. Chat to family members and friends to share ideas of things to do to manage change and stress. Do this now, not only when you feel this way. Have your personal strategy. This is a life skill to take with you as you grow. 

5. Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and set a time to achieve your goals).

6. Join a club/ society, sport/ extramural – get involved. It’s fun. 

7. Always remember that help is only an ask away. We are all a team.

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