CC Afrikaans Author visit (4)-min

Afrikaans setwork author visits Cannons Creek

Nanette van Rooyen, author of the Grade 10 and 11 Afrikaans setwork literature books, visited Cannons Creek Independent High School on 25 April 2023. The intent was to provide an experience for the pupils to get an insight on the characters in both books – ‘Ek Was hier’ and ‘Die 17de veer’. After van Rooyen spoke and answered several questions, the opportunity arose for pupils to get their own copies of the books signed. “The insights she provided were inspiring and thought-provoking. I especially appreciated that she creatively included the personalities of real-life individuals in the characters in the novel.” – Nu’maan Omar (Grade 10). “I really enjoyed getting to speak to know more about her and her writing and it was a great opportunity to meet our author in person!” – Hanaa Parker (Grade 11).

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