Constantly growing & learning

Cannons Creek Independent School is a leading private school, situated in the leafy suburb of Pinelands, Cape Town.

We welcome boys and girls from all faiths and backgrounds, from Grade RR-12.

At Cannons, everyone matters and everyone has the opportunity to shine.
Every Cannons Creek pupil plays a part in developing our own unique, dynamic and exciting path towards the 21st century.

The feel of a school is always so important.
It’s not so much what there is, but how it makes you feel. Experience our pupils, experience our staff, experience what Cannons Creek is all about.

Why Cannons Creek?

1. A Whole-School “Family” Approach

When you are part of Cannons, you are part of our family. We offer a co-educational model right from Grade RR to Matric. We are one school, consisting of various phases, all working together towards a shared goal - to give each child the opportunity to be the best they can be. There is a partnership between the leaders, teachers, school staff, as well as parents, carers and the wider community.
Practically, one school means shared goals, easy transitioning through the phases, common term dates, and events that involve the whole family. We strive to foster relationships between teachers and pupils, among classmates and across grades in an inclusive and nurturing environment. Our children and their families are what makes Cannons Creek such a happy home-away-from-home where we all love learning together.

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2. Individualised Attention

Our small classes (16 maximum in the Primary School, and 20 maximum in the High School) allow for one-on-one attention from the teacher, and better bonding between the pupils. Pupils have plenty of opportunities to participate in discussions and become more self-confident to express and share their opinions. Fewer pupils allows for faster learning and fewer discipline issues. We believe we are small enough for every pupil and family to be known, but large enough for every pupil to have a good circle of friends and the opportunities for a wide variety of subjects and co-curricular activities. At Cannons Creek no one goes unnoticed. Each child is supported as they develop their unique and special qualities. We celebrate their successes whether in schoolwork, on the sports field or on the stage. We help them up when they fall and encourage a growth mindset as they practise resilience.

3. Child-centred Learning

At Cannons, we aim to make the subject matter relatable and interesting, with real-world application. Pupils are encouraged to be curious and to investigate for themselves, learning and practising many wonderful skills such as critical thinking, peer-teaching, research techniques and creative presentations. This new way of teaching promotes a growth mindset and is child-centred, meaning that pupils learn from their mistakes and can proceed at their own pace. Core subjects are a focus and a strong foundation, established in the lower grades, is built on as the pupils progress through school. We believe in developing the ‘soft skills’ for our pupils, by allowing them opportunities to participate in outings, camps and Adventure Weeks away. These develop grit, cement friendships, and build camaraderie amongst the peers in the group. Qualities like kindness, empathy, accountability and respect are modelled and instilled.

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